Earlier this summer I was invited to visit the D’Auchel atelier to get an insight into the world of bespoke leather goods. To be honest, I have always been more interested in shoes than bags and never took any vested interest in leather goods. However, when they told me that each bag by D’Auchel is […]


These were the last two outfit shoots on location for the day, and it was swelteringly hot and humid… So hot that I felt the dresses were gluing itself to my chest and I could hardly do anything except twirl around in circles to create a bit of artificial wind… Despite the oppressive heat, there […]

Yi-ming x Yue Hwa Chinese Emporium

Just over a week ago, I attended the grand opening for contemporary qipao designer Grace Choi’s Yi-ming pop up store at Yue Hwa Chinese Emporium. If any of you have ever shopped at Yue Hwa you will know that it is a rather grand department store selling all sorts of traditional Chinese products for the […]


I flew via London on my way to and back from Marrakech and I had just 48 hours in London. I stayed in the picturesque Little Venice/Warwick Avenue part of town and luckily, the weather during those two days was pretty amazing with an awesome blue sky. I took the opportunity to do a semi-casual […]