“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. A popular song (now phrase), etched into our subconsciousness since the 1949 Broadway production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and made even more famous when Marilyn Monroe sang it in the movie version in 1953. Late last year I had the privilege of meeting many dazzling new best friends at Ryder Diamond’s showroom. Imagine, if you will, a haute couture piece from one of the great fashion houses of Europe, and now imagine that you can do the same for diamond jewellery pieces. That pretty much sums up the service at Ryder Diamonds. Bespoke, exceptional quality and unique. Each piece commissioned by a client is designed, sourced and put together by the expert team of diamond consultants, designers and master craftsmen. Up until then, I mostly admired diamond pieces as a whole, i.e. how sparkly, how pretty and how mesmerising they seemed to me as a complete finished piece. However having spent time at Ryder Diamond’s showroom and observing closely the craftsmen at work in the atelier, I saw first hand how much meticulous precision and painstaking effort goes into the production of these trinkets. I won’t say much more and will just let the sparkles speak for themselves.

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds40

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds3

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds50

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds6

All diamond jewellery by Ryder Diamonds

Black dress by Topshop

Styling by Crystal Li

Make-up by Crystal Li

Hair by Airplay Blowdry Bar

Photos by Josh Tam

Location: Ryder Diamonds Showroom and Workshop

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds46

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds34

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds47

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds51

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds10

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds25

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds8

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds55

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds61

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds68

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds70

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds66

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds71

Crystal Li Ryder Diamonds56