Growing up in suburban England, I never fully experienced the full festivities of Chinese New Year as a child, but my parents would always make sure we sat down together for a family dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve as per tradition. As a Chinese kid, Chinese New Year is probably one of the happiest and most fun celebrations of the year. No school (maybe even going on holiday!), children usually get new clothes, fed enormous amounts of good food you normally wouldn’t eat, and best of all, the red packets! Ahhh… Yes I remember the red packets with much fondness… (My non Chinese friends were very envious indeed!) Parents, relatives, friends and associates of parents all seemingly handing out extra pocket money to us kids! One year I spent the festive period in Hong Kong with my Dad and the money I received through red packets was more than enough to fund all my shopping for that trip with change to spare!

Being based in Asia now, I get to experience the Chinese New Year traditions and festivities full on. I’d say Chinese New Year for us is the equivalent of Christmas for other countries. All the shopping malls and public spaces are decked out in shades of red, pink and gold with beautiful decorations and festive music. There are Chinese New Year markets that sell all sorts of knick knacks, especially pots of flowers like orchids and peonies. People give their homes a thorough cleaning to symbolise removing the old and welcoming the new into the coming year, and then of course there is the food! So so much food…

I wrapped up the year of the goat in Hong Kong working and doing a few quick photo shoots before heading to Singapore. In keeping with the Chinese New Year theme, Josh and I did a super quick photo shoot on the rooftop of a building featuring some oriental inspired pieces by Yi-ming. It was super quick because it was so cold that day and I was pretty much shivering the whole way through the shoot! Although it was freezing, I do like the result of this set of photos, especially with the moody grey sky and slightly gritty backdrop of Hong Kong’s many high rises in the background. You might also remember Yi-ming from my previous post back in July 2015, and if you liked the dresses from that post, the current collection is just as captivating.

On a separate note, this is the first time I’ll be in Singapore to celebrate Chinese New Year so I’m pretty excited to see what goes on here!

I wish you all a very HAPPY YEAR OF THE MONKEY!

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Crystal Li Aquamarine QIpao

Mao collar nude cape with red sequinned lace by Yi-ming

White dress by Topshop

Aquamarine sequinned qipao by Yi-ming

Jimmy Choo nude pumps

CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane multi-stud earrings

Styling by Crystal Li

Make-up by Crystal Li

Hairstyling by Airplay Blowdry Bar

Photos by Josh Tam

Location: Sheung Wan rooftop, Hong Kong

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